Telehealth Instructions

  • Go to the play store or app store and download app OnlineCare Urgent Care
  • Enter Clinical Code 6695
  • Select Burlington Pediatrics
  • Create Account in Parent name‐ it may not let you change the state
  • Click green continue box next to your name
  • Select Continue on Bright Red Screen
  • Click 3 boxes for End User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Patient Authorization, then at bottom click
    Insurance Form and Enter your insurance information (has to be parent that account name under not
    childs) then continue‐ stop here rest done day of appt.
  • Day of appt about 10 minutes before appt, log back into account you set up and Click for Clinical Care
  • Routine Medical Conditions
  • Click box next to reason for appt
  • There is additional information box you can tell about what is going on, also there is a spot to enter
    weight or height or temp if running fever
  • There is also a box to upload pictures if child is being seen for rash, cut etc. take these pics before
    appointment and upload to this box
  • Select your pharmacy
  • Click box to accept and submit
  • Click yes you are in location to be able to discuss medical information
  • Click Connect for Care next to the provider you are scheduled to see (do not click this till a few minutes
    before the scheduled appt)
  • Click box that says free care
  • Enter code Burpeds
  • If you have a problem please or question please call me back and we can help you get connected.